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7 years ago

Rename Warnings

It's my guess that since there are posts from several years ago about issues with rename that renaming objects is something, while supported, that will remain a challenge.  From what I've read on the forum and observed myself, some of the consequences of a rename of certain objects can result in broken alert rules, broken dashboard objects, and lost historical data at a minimum depending on what you rename.  I understand it may be a difficult engineering challenge to cascade a rename to automatically rebuild all rules, for example.  So, instead of this would it be possible as a stop-gap solution (ideally would still love to have automation here) that you provide a pop-up warning for rename of different object classes.  I would think you do know the potential consequences for renaming different object types and could call those out as a unique and specific warning for each object type.  Of course, if the same warning applies to any object type a single message on any rename... but this way it's clearly documented and acknowledged by the user what we are asking for if/when we rename something.  At this moment I still don't know what all the potential things are that can break on a rename.  I'd think this is something that can be done very quickly also.  Thanks.