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8 years ago

Remove extra mouse click from v89 Alert widget

In v89, now when I click an alert, a secondary panel is displayed, then I have to click the alert again before I can add notes.  Before it was one click, add notes and save.  Please remove the secondary panel and just expand the alert details in the widget.  I can live with the extra action to add notes, but the secondary panel is maddeningly annoying.

Please add the notes as shown in mockup below

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  • Hey Mosh - thanks much for the feedback.  We've been working through alternatives for this - whether it's going back to the dialog or doing something as you propose with notes.  Possibly auto-expanding the row?  There are a lot of benefits to the second panel, graphs being one and the next release will include the ability to see alert history.  We understand the implications when accessing the alert direct from a widget aren't ideal right now - more to come.

  • Hi Annie,
    Yeah, my users really are annoyed about the extra mouse click on the alert widget in a dashboard.  The quick access to graphs is nice, but it doesn't make up for new irritation.

    Additionally, the pop-up panel width is less than that of the alert widget in our dashboard design, so now my users have to resize columns or scroll horizonatally, whereas in the alert widget they have columns setup to make best use of the size of the display they are using.

    I have also noticed an oddity.  If you add a note to the alert and save it, then go back in to Ack the alert, the Ack dialog does not contain the note, so you have to type it in again. Ack should pick the last note added.

  • I was also checking in on this particular functionality myself.  The additional mouse click is a bit troublesome, especially since as Mosh indicated, in my case, the pop up panel is smaller than the widget we have.  Incorporating the expand function within the alert widget itself could be convenient, however.

    In its current state, it's more trouble than useful.  The graph access is neat, but not needed in my particular case, so it's extra work, to accomodate things that we don't need to have access to.  (In some cases it would be nice, but not for my team the way we have it being utilized)