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7 years ago

Remove all other alerts when device is idle

Please add an option so that when a device is in the IdleInterval state (HostStatus DS), then all other alerts are automatically removed.  At the moment some devices retain their ping loss alert even though the HostStatus DS has triggered the IdleInterval alert (no data being received).  Our users are finding it confusing when some devices have both alerts, while others have only the IdleInterval alert.

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  • +1  -- this is really a version of what Nagios does for hosts versus services -- if the host is down, services do not generate alerts.  I long ago requested that along with the idea of parents (auto-dependencies) and manual dependencies like Nagios.  I was under the impression this was being worked on, but I have seen no movement on that, unfortunately.  LM does at least allow you to emulate that to an extent with collectors per site, but you can still get a storm for your situation or from a downstream switch outage even within a site.


  • It's annoying for us also because each alert creates a ticket.