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7 years ago

Recurring SDT spanning multiple days

We are using Website monitors to ping a remote printer 13 time zones away. By design, the printer is unreachable between 18:00 Friday and 06:00 Monday. How can I set up an SDT to suppress alerting during that time period, OR, do I need to set up multiple (overlapping) SDTs to cover the time period? Or is there another way...

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  • The ability to have a SDT "scheduler" like the one below would be helpful. 



  • @Bruce Berger,

    I'm checking with our product team, but it appears at this time as though you may have to schedule multiple overlapping SDTs - while the "one time" scheduling functionality allows for the selection of a multi-day period, that functionality does not appear to be available in the "repeat" SDT schedule.

    The other option to use in the meantime could be to script the addition of an SDT using the LogicMonitor API - and run the script as a scheduled task on a server somewhere.

    I'll keep you posted on what I hear.