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  • Well I would like to use the Raspberry Pi (<$75 with a case, PSU and SD card) as an embeddable collector.  The Pi supports Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, C, C++, etc... so a lack of tools couldn't be the problem. 

    I understand that a compute stick ($149) works for you and the dev team, since you don't have to do anything. 

    It doesn't work for me as it runs Windows, which means security patches, automatic reboots that I can't turn off sometimes, high vulnerability to being hacked, versus the PI, which runs Linux and is perfect for collecting 10 or less devices that need to be monitored.

    Time to step up and assemble a "mini-collector" on the RaspberryPi 3B+, please! 

  • You can install Linux (Ubuntu) on those Intel Compute Sticks or use something slightly larger like a Udoo x86, which costs less than $100, and that can run several normal Linux distributions as well.