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7 years ago

Port Utilization Sustained

Hello All,

I have an alert rule that tells me when a specific circuit hits a specific utilization

What I dont like is that this essentially alerts me when there is a utilization spike.  I want to know if a threshold is hit and then sustained for X number of minutes or polling cycles.

How do I do that?

-Mike M


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    Hi Mike,

    There is a global 'Alert Trigger Interval' option in the datapoint definition that does exactly this.  The Alert Trigger Interval setting defines the number of collection intervals for which an alert condition must exist before an alert is triggered.  The length of one collection interval is determined by the "Collect every" DataSource setting.  Because it is defined in the DataSource's datapoint definition, it will apply to all instances of that datapoint throughout your account (for every device).

    More info here: