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8 years ago

Please allow the creation of more than one dashboard with the same name.

I would like to be able to create a series of dashboard groups that are identical in layout with identically named dashboards on them. At present this is not possible because when trying to save the second dashboard I am informed that "A Dashboard with this name already exists."

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    Hi Tim, 

    Thanks for posting. Can you elaborate a bit more on why you want to be able to create multiple dashboards with the same name? Will each dashboard also display widgets for the same devices or different ones?



  • The issue is that the group path should be sufficient to differentiate them, but it is not.  My use case is different folders for different clients, but the same would be true in a single enterprise with different teams.  I am forced to name dashboards differently across those even though they have no relationship at all.  I actually filed it originally under feedback as a bug, but if a feature request does it, that works just fine, too.



  • Yes, this is very irritating.  I'm having to add unnecessary suffixes to workaround this that I would rather avoid.

  • Clay, one example is when monitoring multiple locations. For each location I want to have the same layout with the dashboards for each location identically named, "Servers", "Switches", "Routers", "Public APs", "Private APs", etc.