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8 years ago

Pause or halt polling

Most monitoring systems has a way to suspend monitoring of a host. 

Use case:
We had an outage and the Ops team blamed monitoring. They asked to stop polling to prove their theory. 
Unfortunately, right now the only way is to delete the host from monitoring or hack at it by changing the IP to some fake IP. 
Neither are solutions. 

Please add this basic feature.

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  • I think that I understand the use case, but I am not sure I understand the frequency of the need.

    I have only used a few other monitoring systems, so please forgive me here, but in all of those other systems, "suspend" monitoring was akin to "SDT" in LogicMonitor. It didn't necessarily mean that monitoring stopped, it meant that alerting didn't occur. But if monitoring really did stop, there were gaps in the data. Overall, I think that I would much rather be getting data, and just suspend alerting than to have no data at all.

    This is especially apparent during regularly scheduled maintenance windows (change window). For example, a regular maintenance window could be a two hours in length, but a given system may only be offline a few minutes during that maintenance window. Stopping alerting entirely results in no alerts, but a two hour gap in the data. Stopping the alerting only results in a few minute data gap.

    The regularly scheduled maintenance window is a much more frequent use case than an accusation from the ops team. If monitoring needs to disabled on a single server, it seems to be a really limited use case. If so, just add a few characters to the end of the name by using the Manage option. LogicMonitor has no idea if the name or IP in that field is valid or not. You get to retain your historical data, and monitoring no longer occurs. If monitoring needs to be shut down system wide, just stop the collectors.