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5 years ago

PagerDuty Integration? I'm stuck...


I'm trying to setup the integration between LM and PD and I'm stuck at creating the user.

I'm going through this LM document:

And this PD document:

I have everything setup but I'm not sure where in LM I go to add this integration as a contact method for a user in an Escalation chain to actually put it into use.  Can anyone help me figure out where to go next?


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  • I don't use PagerDuty itself so I'm making some guesses, but with Integrations in general you can use any active normal user in the escalation chain. I have a special "integration send" user that has a role with virtually no access and use that user just for our integrations.

  • When you create the Escalation Chain, you need to create Stages. In the escalation chain choose the "+" next to Stages to create a new stage. This will popup a "Add new recipients" window. Click on the "+" which asks for a user, pick/type-in a user as mentioned above. Once you pick a user, it will offer a "Contact Method" box to the right where you can pick your PD integration. This will only show up if you pick a normal user, does not work for groups nor api-only users. Click on the white save button then the blue save button.