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9 years ago

Overlay Alert Thresholds on graphs

We would like to overlay the Warn, Error and Critical thresholds onto our graphs so you have a visible view of any resources / metrics trending towards a threshold. The graph background could be green for everything under Warn, Yellow for warn, Amber for Error and Red for Critical.

It would make it very clear on all dashboards if a host or service was under load and would clearly indicate the threshold on all metrics whether the datasource default was being user or if they had been alert tuned for different times of day / use.

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  • Yes to this!

    We envision a button turning on/off dotted line overlays though, e.g. yellow, orange and red  dotted lines on the graph(s). 

  • Just going back through some older posts...We 'solved' this by adding virtual datapoints woith static values to custom graph widgets on our dashboards. Although not ideal, and certainly doesn't turn the background a different colour, it has sufficed in our case.