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7 years ago

object versioning

There are currently far too many opportunities to commit errors in LM from which is is difficult to recover since there is no version tracking.  Ideally, it would be possible to revert to a previous version of any object, but especially very sensitive objects like logicmodules, alert policies, etc.  I have created my own method of dealing with this, which leverages the API to store JSON streams of all critical elements regularly, changes committed via git (certain adjustments to the original results are needed to avoid a constant update stream).  Recovery would be very manual, but at least possible.  This would be far more useful within the system itself.


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  • Hi Mark,

    Certainly an understandable request.  While not intrinsic in LM itself, it is possible to manage some aspects of your account in a programatic and versioned way via our integrations with Terraform and Ansible.  Beyond that, there is work underway that will help with some of what you mention:

    • Undelete for hosts and groups (upcoming release v103)
    • "safe import" for data sources (various aspects coming out over the next 2 quarters)
    • LM Exchange:  a versioned history of data sources from within an account (Q3/Q4).  Safe import is a pre-requisite to this.