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7 years ago

No WMI data is being collected from <host>

I get an error in LM on a few of our hosts:


No WMI data is being collected from <host>. This started at <time>. This means the LogicMonitor agent does not have permissions to collect data from <host>, or the traffic is being blocked. If the host is in a domain, ensure the LogicMonitor agent service is running as a domain account that has local administrator privileges on the host, or running as LocalSystem on a domain controller. Ensure there are no firewalls preventing the agent from accessing the host.

These hosts don't really have anything particularly different on them  - i have run through the WMI guide here :

After going to LM Tech support (who are very helpful) they said that the only solution they can give is to disable UAC. This will not work for us as this will introduce a security issue on those devices.

Other machines in very similar configurations do not have this issue, so it seems odd that particular machines present this behavior even though others have UAC on as well.

Can further investigation be done in this area to diagnose the fault specifically, and a different solution than UAC deactivation be provided.