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8 years ago

Nice 2 have: show historical alerts in graph

It would be very cool if you could toggle and make visible the historical alert types that where triggered by differentiating the graph backgrounds.

See illustration

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    Hi Chris, 

    We have a feature coming out soon that will show alert history over time and allow you to view graphs in relation to that alert, all from the Alerts page. Keep an eye out for it the upcoming release notes!


  • Hi Clay,

    While i t would be great to see the graphs from the Alerts page, will that feature apply to the Alerts widget too?  We hide the Alerts from our users because we only want them to see the alerts we want them to see in their dashboards.

    I think as per Chris's suggestion I would prefer to have the other way around, from a graph see all the alerts that were triggered.  That seems to me like  more natural way of doing this.

  • I was preparing an attachment to add (the timeout is far too short! :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">) to show what I meant.