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8 years ago

New Ticket 101

Helping us to help you


Our job here at Logicmonitor technical support is to help you in your day-to-day work. Whether your report isn’t emailing out, a device is not responding to WMI or you don’t understand why a particular alert is occurring – we’re here to help.

But when you submit a ticket it is usually in a queue, being British I love queues! But the support team hate making people wait so anything we can do to make the queue smaller means you must wait less for a response. So here are some tips to help us help you faster.

Write a Descriptive Summary

Use wording in the subject of your email or the summary of the web form that states what the specific problem is and what you are seeing. Try using something like this:

Alert LMD12345 on device myhost for SQL does not appear to be correct

Instead of this:

False Alert???

When our team sees the first ticket we can immediately route it to one of our team members who has more experience with SQL. The second line requires us to open the ticket and read the details.

Details, Details, Details!

In the body of the email (or the details section of the web form) put all the relevant details to the problem that you can think of. Anything you may know that is relevant will help our team get to this faster. Try to include

·         The device name or service name

·         The alert ID of relevant alerts

·         The datasource name

·         The full URL of the page where an issue can be seen such as the device URL, or a datasource URL.

·         Any debug commands you have tried, if any

·         If the issue happens on a regular time basis when is that?

·         If it’s a UI issue what browser have you tried?

·         When did you first notice this?

·         What datasources do you believe should be on a particular host?

Include everything you can and help us resolve your issue in a timely manner.

Follow Up


“My ticket has been open for three days and no solution provided as yet.”

We do our best to answer tickets as they come in. Sometimes we are faster than others. Often we need to co-ordinate with our development team to fix an issue. A good way to update your ticket is to reply to the ticket email. Creating a new ticket asking about an old ticket means we have to find the older ticket, find out who that was assigned to, merge the tickets and notify whoever was dealing with your ticket.

Replying straight to the original ticket goes straight to the person who was dealing with your request and can be a lot faster.