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8 years ago

New GUI pop up legend creates a problem

With the new GUI you have added a "legend" that pops up to the side of data points that is intended to show the value and order the data points highest to lowest. I have some very valuable graphs that have hundreds of data point which are designed to benchmarks and highlight outlying data and this pop-up list has made those graphs almost unusable.

It used to be that you could click on a point and it would tell you the value and the what it was related to, now I get a popup legend with hundreds of point listed, but almost always the one I need to see the name and value of isn't within the view.

To overcome this I had to add several more graphs to limit the data down, whereas before two simple graphs gave me exactly what was needed.

The simple solution --- make these legends so they can be scrolled.

In the images below, note that the second image has one data point selected, but it still doesn't show up in the legend. Shouldn't it be at the top to the list?

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  • This is a problem for us too. We cannot easily tell what server some of the lines are related to if there are a huge number of datapoints.
    Please fix ASAP 

  • We have a few improvements coming in v.85, which will start rolling out next week.  That will simplify the legend (making sure highlighted lines jump to the top, sorting by value order, etc).  We'll continue to investigate other improvements as well.