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7 years ago

Netscan ##SYSTEMNAME##

If you choose to use a netscan and want to rename your devices to the system name using ##SYSTEMNAME## the device must respond to SNMP first.  The problem is LogicMonitor uses WMI exclusively for Windows, SNMP exclusively for most network equipment and vmware's api for hosts.  So in my case I do not have SNMP configured everywhere.

Now lets say you are scanning 5 full /24's and they put these devices in your portal.  Now I am stuck having to go to the info tab on each one, locate the system.sysname(if present) and then click on Manage and rename the device.  With 5 full /24's this a massive amount of devices to have to manually touch.

Netscans have to be able to use the default method of connecting to each device and then ##SYSTEMNAME## must come from that depending on the device it is trying to connect to.  Making us rely on just SNMP is not feasible.