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4 years ago

Need to display a datapoint value change as a dash widget

I have been working to report power usage from an APC PDU
Here is the forum thread:



The short version:
the only way to see a delta between a data point value at the beginning and end of a set time period is with a Resource Metric Trend Report.
this report can produce extremely valuable information for any data point that changes over time, but you can not access the calculated delta value outside of the report.
Secondarily, the report has extremely limited customization for output and is not at all suitable for a customer facing report. 

The real world application needs to extend to dashboard widgets. 
you can use a graph widget to see the change over time, but you can not calculate against or display the difference in the historic value versus the current value.
in my specific case, I only need to have the Min / Max value for the report date range available as it is an incrementing value.
But the possible use cases for access to historic data in widgets are endless. 

Additionally, If the data was available to the dashboard widgets we could publish a dashboard as a report on a scheduled basis for clients. 

if there is anything I can do to help explain this or further the development cause, please let me know.