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6 years ago

need a way to ensure recovery alerts are always sent

I tried to get this handled as a bug a while back, but I was told no in very clear terms by support and our CSM at the time.  Here is the situation and what is needed:

If you have a storm of alarms begin at a location (e.g., due to maintenance), the quickest fix for this is to set downtime for the location.  Unfortunately, even though a bunch of alerts have been sent, recoveries for those do not get sent during downtime.  We need to either have a rule that recoveries are ALWAYS sent for corresponding sent alerts, or we need to be able to enable that via an alert rule flag.

This is important when you integrate alerting into ticketing -- as a result of this behavior, we end up with stranded tickets that cannot autoclose due to the recovery having been sent.

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  • I completely agree with this one. There are several situations where an alert gets cleared in LM but it doesn't update it's integration including if you disable alerting.