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6 years ago

Need a property for LogicMonitor license consumed

We need a way to be able to confirm what type of LogicMonitor license is being consumed by a given Resource or Website.  Ideally there would be a system.license or similar property we can look at to be sure of the license type being counted for that resource.  This would allow proper audit and chargeback to customers who are using the service as well as a way to validate total billing on our account.  There must be some way you are counting these in order to bill us, so if this can be exposed as a property it would be helpful.

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  • There is not, unless there has been a change recently.  There are some datapoints within the collectors you can use (which we do for widgets displaying what we are able).  There is not full coverage for all the various things that can incur fees (or usage against commit).  I had to write a script against the API to capture this, and even then it is not complete.  I had to define a custom property to group the results by client as well (with a warning if I find an element without the custom property).   My script currently does this:

    • scans all resources, counts each regular and LMCloud type (deviceType==0 or deviceType==2)
    • scans all configsource instances to count LMConfig usage (dataSourceType == "CS")
    • scans all websites, counts each, noting whether it is internal or external

    I would definitely prefer something standard to get a complete picture of license consumption, especially since new separately licensed features are added from time to time.