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6 years ago

Multiple Device Select when setting SDT

As an MSP we also manage a number of customer patching cycles, this entails a number of servers needing to be placed into SDT individually for a customer across a number of there groups, with some of our customers this means 60+ servers at a time. (devices can be spread across several groups & not all devices within each said group will be patched at the same time, so setting at the group level is out).

Can we please have the function of being able to select a group and then a number of individual devices from that group (+sub-group) at the same time - ideally being able to see a list of devices contained with group (+ sub-group) and have checkboxes alongside them so that multiple selections can be made at once.

This will make life a lot easier and faster for such scenarios.

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  • In addition to the above request and being able to use 'checkboxes' alongside devices under groups to multi-select numerous individual devices and place them into SDT at the same time, (consider windows server patching).

    I would also like to have the ability to place multiple devices into SDT based upon 'custom properties' (tags), this will help with various scenarios within cloud/hybrid environments where dynamic grouping does not. We are now able to set alert rules based upon custom properties (tag's), can we get the same with SDT?