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9 years ago

More sort by's

HI, we have a client who'd like to make a list of top 5 users and VMs - for CPU, RAM, snapshots plus mail users and others...

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  • Hi Toby - 

    I'm not quite sure I understand your question. You can use our hypervisor monitoring to determine the top VMs by CPU or RAM via an overview graph for that specific datasource. The same applies to any multi-instance datasource.

    If you have a specific datasource request to facilitate this type of monitoring, reach out to LogicMonitor support or your account manager.


  • Not sure if I'm stealing this thread, but I'd like to be able to filter  by Datapoint and sort by Value. E.g. I want to sort disk space used from highest to lowest across my account. So I filter datapoint PercentUsed, but when "Value" is not clickable in order to sort from highest to least.