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7 years ago

Monitor UNC path subdirectories with Active Discovery

I have had a few customers come in asking for a way to monitor a large number of directories without having to add each subdirectory. Most of the time they want to monitor how much space each employee is using on the shared drive, or how much space each VM is taking.

So I came up with a PowerShell datasource that is able to do just that. 

It requires that a device property be set: unc.path and this will be the path that the collector looks at and pulls subdirectories from. 

It will report the number of items in the subdirectory (files and folders) and the combined size of all of these items in bytes and MB. It also reports the script execution time which can be used as a measure of latency if needed.

If you/monthly_2017_09/Screenshot_092817_124602_PM.jpg.d4562b9e4a9773d5c06b541aa5f4008a.jpg" data-fileid="309" rel=""> want to use it on the same device multiple times just clone the datasource and change the ##UNC.PATH## to ##UNC.PATH2## in the discovery and collection scripts and add unc.path2 to the device properties. Can keep increasing as needed.