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9 years ago

Monitor server timezone setting

Our application depends on server timezone settings be set to UTC instead of the actual location. We've found on occasions that some of the servers timezone setting was reset to the local timezone they are in. Is it possible to monitor the timezone setting so that when it is changed for some reason an alert will be sent?

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  • If your servers are Windows servers - yes, you can do it. Good timing - we just wrote a blog about Windows Time monitoring today.


    To solve this specific problem, I'd say get the Win_TimeOffset datasource and then:

    - add another complex datapoint, called TimeZoneOffset. Again, use Groovy script to calculate the value, but make the Groovy just this:



    return TZ

    This datapoint will now reflect the systems timezone offset from UTC, and you can set an alert if it does not equal zero.

    If oyu mean Linux servers, you could do a very similar thing by parsing the output of