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8 years ago

Monitor IP address that host resolves to

With LogicMonitor I'm looking to monitor the IP address that a given host name resolves to.  Any recommendations on the best approach?

For example, every 30 seconds ping/nslookup on server1, store the IP address.  


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  • Hi Peter -

    You're probably aware that the existing DNS datasource verifies resolution of hostname to address (from the perspective of the Collector) and alerts upon lookup failure.

    If you want to track changes to a host's ip address, one could write a script datasource that does a DNS lookup, stores the resolved address in a cache file, and at each successive poll compares the currently resolved address with the cached address. In this way you could trigger an alert upon changes to DNS. 

  • This is how we do it. I will upload my datasource used to LM exchange if a similar one isn't already there