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8 years ago

Mobile feature requests

Few mobile feature requests I think would be helpful:

1. Push notifications on the LM mobile application. 

2. Ability to view devices metrics without any specific alert (e.g. I want to see the CPU of the firewall because I suspect a problem which did trigger an alert yet)

3. Ability to execute fixes from the mobile application: If you look on a competing product Pulse Way mobile application, their app is by far the best fix tool I saw (their monitoring on the other hand is problematic which is why I am using LM). User can use the Pulse Way mobile app to run command line, start/stop services, recycle IIS pools, restart/shutdown the machine, RDP and much more. LM gives great power of detecting a problem but if I am on the field and all I have is my mobile I will have hard time even doing simple things like restarting a machine

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  • Hi - We continue to revisit 1 & 2, it's just a matter of prioritizing them against some of the new, great features we have planned for this year  #3 however gets beyond our scope, just as with the desktop app we don't tend to touch the land of remediation.  We have some thoughts re how we might enable that in the future, but they're not currently planned.

  • Thumbs up from me for push notifications on the mobile app please.  I'd like to be able to view device details too pls.



  • Annie, Maybe the easiest thing for remediation is allowing me to write scripts and executing them (or executing windows exe files). For that all that is needed is a list of scripts and allowing me to run one . This is not auto remediation or anything close to full blown remediation tool but it will allow me to start fixing things remotely


  • Please add push notifications!  Also, please make it easier to switch between portals -- due to lack of true multitenancy, we are forced to deal with several portals and it is very painful to move between those in the mobile app.