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7 years ago

Migrate LogicModule changes row by row?

It would be nice if we could migrate new changes to already modified LogicModules without overwiriting the whole LogicModule. We have some internal customization which we wouldn't like to lose over new updated LogicModule. Yes we can always create a new one based on the updated module but still it would be much easier to migrate only those rows we would like to have and just ignore the rest.



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  • Hi Leo, 

    Totally agree, the ability to be able to select/merge updated datasources with existing that have had customisations, be that filters, thresholds etc would save the current clone the original, import the update, re-apply the customisations.

    I was at the LM Kick off in February and I believe that LM have this ability on their 2018 roadmap due Q3(ish) along with updates to the LM Exchange interface/process.

    Hopefully one of the LogicMonitor folk can confirm this, 

  • Seconded!  Current system deters me from upgrading logic modules, unless I desperately need to.  For me, it's the alert message customizations that we lose. A better way, I think, would be to separate alert message customizations from the logic module, and instead have a method of associating custom alert messages dynamically with logic modules.