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7 years ago

Maximum Number of Dashboards in Slideshow

Hello all,

This is my first time posting a question in the forums. I wanted to know if there is a limit to the number of Dashboards that can be added to a Slideshow dashboard rotation? I work in my company's NOC (network operations center) and have somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 dashboards that my group needs to keep track of. It seems the number of dashboards I can add before a previously added dashboard is removed is 26. Does anyone know if this is a hard limit or is this a setting that our LM administrators can adjust?

Looking forward to responses,

Steve V.

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  • Hey, Steve 

    I'm not sure of your setup but are you currently using the NOC Widget?

    If you're wanting this more for the shock & awe when folks come into your NOC, someone else that knows the limitations of the dashboard slideshow can answer that. But if this is more for keeping track of what your team has to monitor; you should check into setting up alerts, notifications, tweaked static thresholds based on how many alerts you get that you don't require investigation or have dynamic thresholds based on trend analysis - You shouldn't have to manually monitor that many dashboards if the tool is monitoring those KPIs/dashboards for you and alerting/notifying you when you need to investigate. This is time saved which will allow you to train or work on other things until something kicks off that requires you or someone from your team to investigate.