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8 years ago

masive statusflap alerts

Hi to all:

I have problems with "StatusFlap" type alerts, the truth is that the platform send me many messages to my email, so, does anyone know if they are false positives? My network devices have no problems on the interfaces, how can i stop this?

let me know please, kind regards

Iván Martínez 

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  • Hi Ivan,

    We are pulling the Status and Status Flap metrics via SNMP directly from the device.  It is unlikely that these are false positives. Status Flap and Status alerts are common for access switches where you have users turning their machines off and on, unplugging when leaving for the day, connecting/disconnecting mobile devices, etc.  For these situations, we suggest creating an Instance Group and adding the appropriate 'user access' interfaces to the group.  Then turning off Status and Status Flap monitoring for that Instance Group.  The interfaces that are important, trunk ports, VLANs, Uplinks, etc will continue to be fully monitored.



  • Troy, 

    You mentioned "turning off Status and Status Flap monitoring for that Instance Group". Do you mean doing a blanket Disable Alerting on the instance group or is there a more targeted way to only choose Status and Status Flap to not be monitored? Perhaps a setting in the Interface datasource itself?


  • Hi Ether,

    Yes, there is a more targeted way to turn off only Status and Status Flaps for specific interfaces that you've added to an Instance Group.  If you create an Instance Group under your main Interfaces, then add the interfaces for which you want to disable Status and Status Flap monitoring to that Instance Group.  Then, go to Alert Tuning on that new Instance Group and uncheck Status and Status Flap to disable just that monitoring on those interfaces.  

    Hope this helps!