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8 years ago

Manage Recipient Groups via REST API

Add endpoints to the REST API to manage Recipient Groups.  It should be possible to make a single API call to remove all members of a recipient group, add a single member, add arbitrary email CCs, delete a single member, get a list of all members, get a list of arbitrary emails.

(If it's already present then it needs to be documented so customers don't need to reverse engineer it from the UI which may not be a supported approach.)

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    This API resource is technically available, but it isn't published.  We're reworking alert rules/escalation chains, so we were conservative with publishing the surrounding features (e.g. recipient groups) because we wanted to ensure that we could adequately support all published REST resources.  That being said, we can look into whether publishing the recipient groups resource specifically is possible for v1 of our REST API.  

  • It would be good to have it for the v1 REST API.