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6 years ago

Make alert severity counts on nav bar into filters

Filtering by alert severity requires more than one mouse click operation currently.  It would be much quicker if we could simply click the alert severity count in the left nav bar and the alert list would be filtered by the severity clicked on. Clicking the main Alert icon item could be used to remove severity filter.

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  • Hey Mosh, 

    This is actually an improvement already planned for the Alerts page as part of the new UI! I like the idea of having the main Alert Icon item remove all the filters and reset the view. 

    One question I have is, would you expect clicking on the main Alert Icon to remove the severity filters and return the user:

    1. The default alert view without any filters applied (ie sorting by "Began - Most Recent" 

    2. Previous configuration of applied filters set on the alerts page for a particular user (ie "SDT: No, ACK: No, etc..)


  • @Linus Cool!  

    My preference would be that clicking Alert icon should only clear severity filters, and leave any other filters intact.  Of course, you could always add a double-click action to the Alert icon that clears all filters and resets the view.