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8 years ago

LVM Thin Pool Monitoring


We are using LVM thin pool now. It would be really nice if we can know how much data space and metadata space of a thin pool have been allocated on LogicMonitor.

For example, we are interested in "Allocated pool data" and "Allocated metadata" from lvdisplay command output.

[test@test test]$ sudo lvdisplay system/pool

  --- Logical volume ---

  LV Name                pool

  VG Name                system

  LV UUID                3bxQ8Y-Ud1f-mnym-S893-1iQN-BbEN-Xkeevi

  LV Write Access        read/write

  LV Creation host, time test, 2016-08-11 14:41:36 +0000

  LV Pool metadata       pool_tmeta

  LV Pool data           pool_tdata

  LV Status              available

  # open                 2

  LV Size                300.00 GiB

  Allocated pool data    32.79%

  Allocated metadata     20.10%

  Current LE             76800

  Segments               1

  Allocation             inherit

  Read ahead sectors     auto

  - currently set to     256

  Block device           253:9


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  • We're always happy to update our LogicModule library.  It usually requires some deep digging by our monitoring team, please reach out to a technical support rep via chat or your account manager to ensure we have all the details we need.