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6 years ago

LogicMonitor Feature

Greetings All, 

I'm new to LogicMonitor; and had just started working within the SaaS portal for about an hour now; so far it's been fairly straightforward.  I'm curious if there is a feature or anyway in LM to be able to trigger an action/job/process when an event is triggered.  

For instance, if I setup a web check monitoring and when the website goes down; is there a way in LM to trigger a job to recycle an IIS AppPool on the designated web server?  I'm suspecting that this may not be a feature at all or maybe I just do not have enough access rights in the portal to be able to do/discover more stuff/features. 


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  • You are correct that it's not currently a feature in LogicMonitor (LM) to take an action on an alert.

    There are "tricks" to do something like this where you use the DataSource script (which normally just runs to provide performance data) to also take action at the same time, but at that point you are just using LM as a task scheduler and are not using the thresholds or SDT features. You can also use the Integration feature to kick off a REST API call on alerts, but it's really designed for ticketing/alerting systems and not for actions. Mike Suding's Blog (worth reading!) has a hack ( where you have LM monitor it's own alerts via API to kick off a process; which I think is getting rather complex/silly but it should technically work. I much prefer to have an official feature to do this.

    One thing to keep in mind if you attempt this is to remember that all checks are run on the Collector server(s), not on the device you are monitoring because LM is agentless. So if you are monitoring an IIS server, you will need to recycle the AppPool by running a remote command to IIS from the collector.

    There are a few topics on the forums that discuss this further:

    • a href="" rel="">
    • a href="" rel="">
    • a href="" rel="">

    I also suggest submitting Feedback on the portal (under support) if you feel this would be a nice feature to have.

  • Mike,

    Thank you for the response.  That is very informative;  I do think that it's best if the feature is natively included in the product; but I will bring the info that you presented to my team and see if everyone will be align with it.