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6 years ago

LogicMonitor-ConnectWise Integration - Clear Alerts Not Sending

Hey guys,

We recently had to update our Connectwise integration since ConnectWise made some API changes.  Before hand we used to receive CLEAR alerts to any tickets in Connectwise that were generated by LogicMonitor, now after the integration change we are still receiving new opened tickets but the CLEARs are not going to the ticket.  Has any one had any issues with this and if so how'd you fix it?

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  • I can't speak for Connectwise in particular (not familiar with it) but LogicMonitor recently added a Log tab to the Integration section that is very useful for troubleshooting. You may want to check that log for Active Status of "clear" and see the API calls being made by LM and the results. Generally REST calls would get a 200 status if successful and 4xx/5xx if there is a problem. With either status you can look at the response back from Connectwise which might give you a clue on the issue.

    Also I'm pretty sure there are various situations where LM will not send clear notifications to integrations, like a resource in SDT or when it's deleted.