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6 years ago

LogicMonitor Collector installation on Windows Server Core

Windows Server Core and (the free) Hyper-V Server Core are GUI-less versions of Windows that can be administered remotely with GUI tools. We've recently seen an uptick in requests for deployment of the collector to these platforms, as Windows introduces a lot of overhead with the addition of the GUI; the other compelling reason to go this route being that Hyper-V Core is a free license of Windows from Microsoft (similar to the free flavor of ESXi, only it can run a Windows collector!)

Microsoft Documentation: 

Option A: Remote Desktop Install

  • Establish a remote desktop session to the Server Core server using the instructions provided by Microsoft.
  • Within the standard Command shell, type the word "PowerShell" to load a PowerShell session.
  • Add a new (Windows) LogicMonitor Collector in your portal, and select the PowerShell command instead of the download.
  • Paste (and run) the PowerShell command into the open PowerShell windows within the Remote Desktop Session on the Server Core server.
  • You'll see a message indicating that the download has started, and after some time, the normal InstallShield Wizard will launch as expected.
  • Complete the collector account configuration and proceed as you would with an OS with a GUI.
  • Collect on!

Additional methods are certainly possible (Windows Admin Center, Remote PowerShell, more?) and as I have a chance to test/ validate, I will continue to update this post.