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8 years ago

LogicMonitor CMDB integration


Has anyone ever looked at integrating LM with a CMDB product?

Possibly to update devices, or send alerts. The reason I'm asking is that we have found that some of our clients do not want to manage multiple systems. E.g. they currently have LM for monitoring, some sort of CMDB, then a centralized logging app.

If you did, did you find anything that worked well?

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  • Hi Simon,

    I am working on a similar requirement lso. My CMDB is in ServiceNow.  At the moment my team manually add and remove CIs from LogicMonitor.  In the CMDB I have introduced a new attribute on our server CIs, called Service Assurance, which has two states, those essentially being "Monitoring Required" and "Monitoring Not Required".  Next, I intend to make it so that when the CI's Service Assurance attribute value is changed, ServiceNow will make the REST call to LogicMonitor to add or remove the server CI from monitoring. In the CMDB the server CI will have a relationship to a Business Service and this information will be used to determine which device group to add to, or remove from, in LogicMonitor.  (I have device groups for each business service.)  The idea being that we then tie the setting of the Service Assurance attribute to the workflow of commissioning and decommissioning a server.

    Once that is in place I am then hoping to send events from LM into ServiceNow and use ServiceNow's Event Management module and visualizations. 

  • Simon, 

    There are plenty of ways to do this like Mosh is suggesting as well. Ultimately the LM API is very useful in this area. You can pull all your properties down via the API and update via a query to your system. Mosh mentions ServiceNow, we use AutoTask. Very similar. If it's got an API, you can sync things. Ultimately you'll make the data in LM be the source for all dynamic properties like those you retrieve via PropertySources.