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9 years ago

LogicMonitor App Alerts

Will we be able to receive alerts directly from the app in the iPhone?

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  • Great question, and something we discuss regularly. There are a few factors here. First, one of our core principles is not to overwhelm you with alert messages, and we've found most cases where the user wants to know about an alert a SMS or email is also sent. Push notifications also have some restrictions, such as only allowing one active message (if two alerts trigger, which one do you want?), and depending on the underlying OS to not turn them off.

    What we're looking for now is situations where a push notification will add value, but it won't be disastrous if it doesn't trigger. This may not directly align with your current alert rules, such as maybe a notification if there are more than X unacknowledged alerts? The more info you can give us re what you'd like the app to do, the better we can evaluate design and functionality.

  • We would like to know if we can enable push notifications in LM mobile app.

    Push notifications look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have installed your app.