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6 years ago

LM Collector API - Mask sensitive properties (i.e. password and *.pass properties)

Good to see customProperties in the Collector REST API. But properties that mask their values in the UI should respect that masking when fetching that information from the API. 

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  • Collector or Collector Group-specific set of credentials used as a token in a Custom HTTP Integration, which triggers some form of self-heal (attempt to RDP/SSH into the Collector, restart services, or reboot the server, etc). 

  • Hi Joe -

    Thanks for the suggestion. That's maybe a reasonable improvement to the Collector Properties feature set.

    We designed Collector Properties primarily to assist in the diagnosis and identification in the context of Collector Down notifications, so we wouldn't have expected a use-case by which they're used to store credentials or other sensitive information. Would you mind explaining your use-case so we can get some additional context?

  • It's definitely useful for diagnosing issues.