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4 years ago

Juniper Networks Alarm Count

Picks up chassis, environment and system alarms in Juniper Networks devices.  Juniper defines events as yellow and red alarms; this looks at the OIDs that contains the current count of each.  This will catch-- among other things-- HW failures and high temperature situations that other Juniper component datasources may not, along with boot partition corruption, a full /var partition and absence of a rescue configuration that would all otherwise require snmp traps or syslog to detect.   Note that tells nothing about the nature/description of events, you'll need to login to a device to determine those.

It is compatible with Juniper devices that run the craftd process as part of their Junos (EX switches, QFX switches,  modular MX routers  and at least some SRX services gateways).

LM Locator PMN9GM