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8 years ago

Israel TimeZone

Being located in Israel I need an Israel time zone that adjusts to DST as we move in and out of DST

I currently have to manually change to UTC+2 or +3 when we move and there is really no reason for that.



As a developer on my other hat, I had to deal with multiple time zones on our application as well. I suggest your developers have a look at Joda-Time timezone support (for java ) or Noda-Time (for .NET) as it has a list of all IANA time zones and supports updating of the time zone database, time zone conversions etc. This would make your developer life easier if they have not already used it. On our application I used this and now all I have to do is update the IANA tzdb file and all time zone changes are updated and my servers know DST for the whole world imminently