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7 years ago

iscsi datastore read/write latency information behavior for ESXi standalone

Hello Team,

I have a vcenter with ESXi hosts connected and with iscsi datastores which I can find information for read/write latency. However I have standalone ESXi host with local datastore and iscsi datastore. Logic monitor do not find any information or pull any information for the iscsi datastore but can find read/write latency etc for the local datastore. 

Kindly let me know if there are any requirements or configuration I need to change on logic monitor for standalone ESXi host iscsi datastore latency performance charts information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW I am new to logic monitor 



Murali S

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  • @msripada there shouldn't be anything else you have to do if it's pulling any datastores at all. Did you follow all the steps here:

    It could be that your user doesn't have permission on those datastores.

    If that doesn't work, I would open up a chat with support and see if they can get you going. I'm not sure if you've worked with them at all yet, but they're really good.

    If they can't figure it out they can escalate it to LogicModule team for further investigation.

    Welcome to LogicMonitor!