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7 years ago

IPv6 - a reality check

IPv6 which used to be a behemoth and now is a norm, is still a thing that is widely-unsupported as a standard, although more and more are joining the pool and making their infrastructure IPv6- friendly. IPv4 addresses are scarce, according to the 'authorities' (i.e. APNIC, RIPE), but whether it will be completely replaced soon by IPv6, remains to be seen ( As of now, both public routes are still growing with IPv4 stands at ~670,000 routes and IPv6 at ~45,000 (15K growth since Aug 2016).



Just for information, the number of the internet routes as of Mar 2018 as in the screenshot (taken from public BGP routes information from route servers):






For LogicMonitor, I can be certain that Internal Web Service and Internal Ping Check are compliant with IPv6, which also means our collectors are proudly capable to deal with IPv6. As for External Service Check (Web,Ping) is beyond my position to tell if it is supported. Nonetheless, I have a personal strong confidence that pertaining to SiteMonitors, IPv6 is already integrated, but to fully support our precious Clients to add Web or Ping Service check, it will be fully dependent on whether those SiteMonitors are connected to IPv6 backbone which I foresee it will be in the near future (I earnestly hope so).

There are questions from LogicMonitor community about IPv6 as well that I assume it will be more common as time progresses:


Following is a little showcase of Internal Web and Ping Check using private IPv6 addresses (of course):

'Web Check'

'Ping Check'


and as you can see that 'all things are possible to him who believes' :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">



Here is the IPv6 website:

The ping and web access test from the server (collector):