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6 years ago

instance level properties set at collection time

One of the biggest challenges we face putting together new datasources in many cases is the need to identify in advance every possible result and convert that to a number.  Often it is not possible to know all the possible outputs, but you may know what is good that and anything else is bad.  An example we are running into right now is with the Cisco Nexus NXAPI extracting information otherwise difficult to obtain, like "invalid interface SFP" or "bad monitor session".  As we were going over options, it seemed like the best thing would be to set a datapoint for error status and to store the actual error/reason string in an ILP that could then be emitted as a token if needed.  Right now you can only set ILPs during AD or via propertysources.  My request is that it be possible to set ILPs as the result of data collection, which could then include these text values.  I understand they will be ephemeral, but as long as they are maintained alongside each datapoint, that would still be helpful to include those values with the alert body.  I'm sure this is not the best approach, but seems like the only method that would fit with the LM architecture as it stands (i.e., I am fairly sure there will never be a DPLP option).