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7 years ago

Instance Groups

We would like to see means to create groups in order to add VM guest instances into.  We need the ability to better organize alerts that would be constrained to these specific instance groups rather than all VM instances for a given data source.  For example, under a vmware host there is 'VMware VM Disk Capacity'. Within or organization, certain groups care about certain servers disk capacity but don't want to be alerted about another groups server.  It seems that today there is no way to achieve this.  Support suggested we post this as a feature request.

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  • For grouping to change alerting practices, if you use system names that are easily filtered on, i'd suggest creating different datasources (cloning the existing ones) and filtering based on the ones you'd like to change. 

    ILPs would help here for grouping as well, however there's no way to set thresholds based on instance groups, they only apply once and aren't dynamically applied. 

  • This would be great, especially if you could import VMware labels or folders and use those for instance groups.

  • @Bryan Fehl you can import vSphere Tags as ILPs for grouping (set hostprop "esx.tags" to "true" on vCenter) . We don't grab folders as ILPs currently, but I can make a ticket to get it added. Just off the top of my head, I'd imagine it would look similar to the Resource Pool ILPs, where we have an ILP for the immediate parent Resource Pool's name, and an additional one with the entire "lineage" in case you have multiple folders with the same name.