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8 years ago

instance group threshold inheritance

I found yesterday that LM explicitly does not support defining a threshold for an instance group so all instances within automatically inherit from that unless overridden at the instance level.  Compared to the way it actually works, inheriting would be far preferable.  As it stands, you must remember to update the thresholds every time you add an item and you must remember what threshold you used for the group.  I assume this is simply because there is no storage associated with that setting on the group level.  I have seen other topics related to using instance groups for alert routing, but nothing related to this.  Please make this possible so we can manage thresholds for different instances in a smooth and predictable fashion.




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  • Mark,

    May I take the liberty to ask for clarification? I will try to do my best to use LogicMonitor terminology. Are you asking to have the ability to set thresholds for a datasource for an entire group?

    An example:
    The servers are organized into two groups, named GroupA and GroupB
    A CPU busy critical threshold of 75% is set on everything in GroupA, but 85% on everything in GroupB.
    In the future, if you assign something to GroupA, you want it to automatically get assigned the GroupA 75% CPU busy threshold, and the same goes for anything that is assigned to GroupB in the future, which would automatically get assigned a CPU busy critical threshold of 85%.

    Did I understand the request?

  • Correct -- I was surprised by the warning on the instance group instructions that basically said this was not the normal behavior.  I could potentially see a need to go the other way, but then overriding the default group threshold at the instance level would take care of those exceptions.

    Please please please fix this!  It is impossible to maintain standards for thresholds without some way to bind them to groups.  This leads to clients becoming angry when they add new volumes that should be handled in a uniform way and a lot of manual effort.  It is not even possible to see how the thresholds were applied previously to a group as it stands since it is really just acting like a macro currently.

  • I would like to see this implemented as well.  It seems very counter intuitive to group items, but then have to manually adjust the thresholds on each new group member to match the settings of the other members.  This needs to be done at the group level.