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6 years ago

Informatica Services


How can I integrate LogicMonitor and Informatica PowerCenter Services?

Is there a way to do this?



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  • Hi @DSNorman,

    Can you elaborate on the specific use case you'd like to see? (I.E. LogicMonitor monitoring Informatica/ the underlying infrastructure) or something else?



  • @Kerry DeVilbiss

    Yes.  What we're hoping instead of monitoring CPU or memory within the server, if we can monitor underlying services that are running within the server.

    In this case Informatica PowerCenter services (i.e. integration services, repository services, metadata services, and webservices hub).

    Is this possible?

  • Just so I completely understand - are we talking about Services running on a Windows server?

    If so, a href="" rel="">check out this comment from another thread (for a way to automate that across multiple servers) - and this documentation page from our support center if you're just looking for one or two devices.

    Let me know if that's accurate or if I totally missed the mark here... !