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5 years ago

Increase when idleInterval alerts

Is there a way so we can wait a longer period of time (such as 6min) before the idleInterval sends an alert?  I know LM warns about making changes to that alert.




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  • If you don't want to change the event timing itself, you can add a blank line to the Escalation chain... it will use the escalation interval on that blank step which will add time.  We use this for Services restarting that take a long time.  We need to know that they've restarted, but also need to know if they don't finish restarting.  So we have an escalation chain just for the service alerts that alert our team, then waits 20 more minutes before alerting us again.  If you add a blank to the end of the escalation chain, you can stop repeated messaging as well.  Works especially well if you are using a ticketing system that only accepts email as an incoming connector.