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8 years ago

Improve Alert Routing

I find the Alert Rules really poor so it would be great to see some improvements.

The things we would like is the ability to:

  • add multiple Escalation Chains per Alert Rule (otherwise I need to make a different Chain for every Rule)
  • allow multi tenant clients to manage/create there own Escalation Chains and Alert rules

Are there any updates proposed for these?

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  • We had a design meeting this morning, so yes - updates have been proposed.  We'll make note of these requests.

    We have a few other big items queued up for early 2017, but the alert rule overhaul shouldn't be too far behind.

  • Hi, is there any update on this?


    We are a LM MSP and are loosing clients from LM because they lack the ability to modify alert rules and escalations. Most of our clients are enterprise with their own internal IT teams. They want the ability to modify these as well.

  • As a note. if it was possible to have alert rules and chains in a folder and give clients permissions to these (as we do for devices, services, etc) it would enable this sort of multi tennancy on LM.