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7 years ago

Improve accordance for Clone service option

We have hundreds, possibly even thousands, of web enabled micro services.  Creating web service checks for these often means cloning an existing one and changing a small part of the URL or query string, and so we use the Clone function a lot.  Currently the Clone option is inside the Manage dialog, so it's two mouse clicks away.  We would like to see Clone brought to the main view, so that it's only one mouse click away:


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  • Even better for a future enhancement, add an options to Clone n times, and have each cloned entry auto suffixed with a number.  Then all we would have to do is update each entry, rename and make the slight changes to the URL, etc.

    In the traditional desktop client era we had right click options which greatly improved productivity, like simple copy and paste, paste, paste, paste, paste like expectations on objects.  The web paradigm has taken away some of these productivity features.

  • Apologies for the typo, should be *affordance*, not accordance.