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6 years ago

HTTPS Remote Access

I'm currently new to LogicMonitor. I think LM has done a pretty good job on their monitoring tool. I love how we could manage our network devices thru SSH remote access from the management console. Without LM, we would have to VPN to our internal network, and then SSH to the network devices from there.

One downside about LM is that we couldn't manage network devices thru HTTPS (GUI). Nowadays, new technologies like firewalls are managed by HTTPS/SSH. I would love to have HTTPS remote access right from the management console. It would be much easier and faster to gain access to the GUI interface. I have tested Auvik monitoring software on the HTTPS, it was nice and smooth. This would be one of the nice feature that LM should provide. 



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  • @Michael Fisher HTTPS sooner rather than later would be good. For other ports you'll never have a complete list but how about a tunnel functionality to enable remote access to protocols you don't support and non-standard ports?

  • Hi @PaoX

    Welcome to the community! This is a highly requested feature that the product team is aware of. HTTPS, Telnet and VNC support are all under discussion to be implemented - no hard deadlines for delivery yet. I will post any updates here. Stay Tuned! 



  • Thanks for the update. We can't wait to have those features announced. Please keep me posted.