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7 years ago

HTML Widget – Ability to display Internal (LAN) webpages/sites.

Currently the HTML widget allows the display of externally available webpages which is great and enables an active view of customer-chosen websites within dashboards, however, we are getting a number of requests for the ability to display internal only facing webpages for the same reasoning as the external. Many customers have Internal CRM/Accountancy/Tech Administration/virtual desktop systems that are accessed via Web Gui and not available to the Internet.


This will help as a visual availability check on dashboards, but the main reason for this is from IT staff/teams where they have storage, proxy, network & other systems that are not always monitored by LogicMonitor or offer the ability to do so but have their own status dashboards within their webpages – to be able to display these within the LogicMonitor HTML widget would enable the single pain of glass pov.


Can options be created within the HTML widget to select a collector to run the display from? I realise that polling/refresh times for internal website monitors would need to be larger than the external to reduce collector strain/bandwidth considerations, say min (shortest) refresh of once every 15mins??